The Church In Markham Weekly Newsletter

October 23, 2016


*This weeks pursuit: Morning Revival C Crystallization-Study of  Exodus Volume Eight

 (Week 46) C The Eightfold Significance of the Tabernacle

*New Testament - Recovery Version reading pursuit: Week 42   Acts 10:34 to 14:5


Announcement Items:


* The church in Kitchener Meeting Hall purchase  - How we thank the Lord that He has led the saints in Kitchener to a property that is suitable for the church life!  Let us stand with them in much prayer and financial offering as they proceed to fulfill all the conditions related to the sale and purchase of this property.  The closing date for the purchasing of the property is 1st October, 2016.   If you are led by the Lord to offer any gifts of love toward their building and renovation fund, please indicate on your offering envelop For Purchasing of Meeting-hall in Kitchener or check with brother Young and sister Young.   Details please refer to the notice on the noticeboard.  Praise the Lord,  we have received  total $23,120 in offering for this use  as of  October 9nd.  May the Lord bless and accept our willing offerings. May we beseech the grace and the fellowship of the move of His body in one accord. 


*November 11-13, 2016 -Canada Elders and Responsible Ones Conference- Richmond, B.C.


*November 19, 2016- Canada Training on the Eldership -Messages 31-33


*December 17, 2016- Canada Training on the Eldership -Messages 34-36


Conferences and Trainings:


* November 24-27, 2016 Thanksgiving Conference - - San Jose, California.

All the meetings will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 1, located at 150 West San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95110 and will be open to the public. There will be translation into Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please see service ones for more details.  Deadline for registration: November 1, 2016. 


* December 26-31, 2016 - Anaheim, California. Deadline for registration is November 1, 2016

Live training fees CAD$265 (US$205), late registrations incur an additional charge of CAD$65 (US$50);

Video training fees CAD$135 (US$105), late registrations incur an additional charge of CAD$35(US$25)



*Chinese-Speaking Conference - February 17-19, 2017 - Anaheim, California


*International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (Spring) - March 31 - April 2, 2017-Anaheim , California







Weekly Meeting Time and Places:






 7:30 pm

Prayer  meeting

39 Vandermeer Drive, Markham 


 7:30 pm

Small Group Meeting

145 Royal Crest Court Unit 12, Markham 


 7:30 pm

Home Meeting

41 Chapel Park Sq., Scarborough 


 7:30 pm

Home Meeting

27 Chauncey Crt, Markham,  L6B 1H1.


10:00 am


36 Buchanan Drive, Markham 

Lords day

10:00 am 


Lords table/ prophesying meeting

Markham Meeting Hall-11381 McCowan Rd


College Meeting C Friday evening, 6:30 pm. Contact  Sam Lim  (416) 732-1565

YP Meeting - Saturday, 6:00 pm with dinner- In Various Homes. The location will be sent via email. To be added to the list, please contact:


Special Announcement:

Outdoor Safety reminders for parents with small children

1.    Children should always be accompanied by a parent or an adult when outdoor

2.    Children should not go near water pond and stream area

3.    Children should always be accompanied by a parent when using playground equipment.

        Please play with care.

4.    No playing basketball & no using playground equipment during meeting hours

Parking reminder

Please do not block the driveway from gate entrance to the meeting hall area and to the main house. When you park, make sure you leave enough space for other cars to be able to pass through